Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a medical speciality which focuses on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Non-surgical conditions in adults. This speciality has a number of sub- specialities ranging from Cardiology, Nephrology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Infectious disease, Pulmonolgy to Immunology. A doctor who is certified in this speciality is known as an internist in we are two internists working, My self and Dr.Vijay anand. We treat variety of cases starting from infectious diseases to Immunology. In KMCH we are called “Consultant Physicians”. We work in co-ordination with our various sub-specialities like Cardiology, Neurology and Etc.

The department of general medicine handles patients with infectious disease; working up of Patients with fever of unknown origin & management of poison cases. After careful clinical assessment patients are subjected to lab investigation which includes biochemical, serological & cultures of body fluids, several diagnostic procedures like pleural fluid aspirahun, ascetic fluid aspiration, FNAC & lumbar puncture (for CSF analysis) are attempted in bedside. With the help of speciality consultants liver biopsy, lymph node biopsy & musile biopsy are done in needed patients. In difficult cases radiological (ultra sound or CT guided) assistance is used for biopsy. PET scan (nuclear medicine) is used in some patients for localizing infection. Therapeutic procedures attempted includes thoracountesis, ascetic fluid pavacentestis, USG guided liver abscess aspiration.


we use various procedures for diagnosis and treating the patient, example. Lumbar puncture for Meningitis and Encephalitis, Pleural fluid aspiration both for diagnosis and theraptutic purposes. Liver Biopsy to know the chronic liver diseases and cancer. Renal Biopsy, Pericardiocentesis and abdomeno centasis with the help of sub-speciality physicians.


In Hospital we have all sophisticated equipments which are helpful for accurate diagnosis of our internal medicine related problems starting from Digital X-ray, MRI, SPECT to PET (Positive Emission Tomography) scan. Our Lab is equipped with intruments which give quick diagnosis of Dengue, Malaeria, Leptospirosis and many more infectious diseases. Our department is thankful to our Chairman Dr.Nalla G.Palanisamy for providing all good facilities for quick treatment of the patients.


Hospital OBESITY

About one third of Indian population is obese. When it comes to weight reduction, there are so many misconceptions not only among patients buy also with the doctors. So we have started scientifically based program, Obesity Clinic 14 years ago.

We have treated more than 16,000 patients so far. Almost 90% of them lost the required weight , that is 5 – 10% of the initial weight.

Our  KMObesity Clinic is Comprehensive out patient weight management program based mainly on life style modification and drugs. Bariatric surgery is done for patients with BMI more than 40.

People can reduce upto 15kg of weight in 6 months. With 5 – 10% weight reduction itself diabetes, HTN, dyslipidemia can be controlled. Back pain, knee pain and heel pain will be better. Obstructive sleep apnea symptoms will be better. For ladies PCOS (irregular periods) will be corrected and for infertility patients pregnancy rate has improved.

People of any age from 3 to 90 years, both male and female can reduce weight. Even if there is a family history of obesity, still one can reduce weight. With the thyroid problem also still weight can be reduced.

So every body can reduce weight.
Wishing you happy slimming.