Comprehensive Cancer Center

A state of the art Comprehensive Cancer care Center was set up by MH in 2010-11. MH’s sophisticated cancer care center spread over 10 lakh sq.ft of serene ambience is comparable to top international cancer centers. It has 200 beds with special suites for cancer patients. A cheerful ambience and compassionate treatment help the patients and visitors to overcome the cold feel of a hospital.

World class infrastructure with some of the latest equipments and complemented by a highly competent and dedicated team of experts deliver results comparable to global standards. The Center endeavours to provide cancer prevention, early detection, comprehensive treatment, rehabilitation and supportive care.




Radiation Oncology :

RapidArc therapy with IMRT/IGRT, Stereotactic Radio Surgery (SRS) & Radiotherapy (SRT), Stereotactic Body Radio Therapy (SBRT) & 4D breathing adapted IGRT/ IMRT treatment substantially benefits the patient with high tumour dose and significant reduction in radiation side effects. Treatment duration can be drastically shortened to 10-14 days with SBRT (Compared to usual 6-8 weeks of treatments).

Brachytherapy :

A highly specialised form of radiation therapy in which the radioactive source is kept inside the applicator, kept in the tumour area. Intra operative brachytherapy using very high precision focal radiation done here is practised only in few centers in the world.

Medical Oncology :

uses a wide range of chemotherapies and targeted treatments for solid tumours & hematological malignancies. An exclusive day care center enables treatment without admission. The Scalp Cooling System for Chemotherapy greatly helps to prevent hair loss.

Nuclear Medicine :

The latest whole body PET-CT Scan is available for cancer staging. Iodine radioisotope for diagnosis and treatment for thyroid disorders / malignancies and SPECT for bone metastasis are done.

Surgical Oncology :

The Center routinely performs the entire range of cancer surgeries like head and neck surgery, surgery for brain tumours, gasterointestinal and genitourinary cancers, sarcomas, lung tumours and breast cancer surgery including Breast Conservation and re-constructive procedures.

Chemotherapy Day Care Unit

MH provides an exclusive chemotherapy day care unit with a relaxing ambience to make the experience a happy one. We have well trained nurses delivering chemotherapy in a safe and steri8le manner. The Day care unit caters ONLY to chemotherapy and oncology services and this focus enables us to deliver high quality of care with minimum waiting time, maximum efficiency.

Cytotoxic Preparation unit

MH has established the most modern Cytotoxic Chemotherapy preparation unit in India. The facility ensures protection from contamination of the chemotherapy medications and ensures safety. It also ensures minimal wastage and compliance to quality standards.

CVAD – Central Venous Access devices.

The accessibility of veins for chemotherapy has always been a stumblingblock for patients who receive multiple chemotherapy cycles, special populations like infants /children and women with very thin veins. The risk of chemotherapy leakage(extravasation), pain from multiple punctures may discourage many patients from chemotherapy. MH offers solution for these patients with a wide range of CVADs Eg; – PICC Peripherally inserted central catheters – Inserted from the elbow are, Chemotherapy PORT – implanted below the collar bone and invisible to naked eye, Hickman catheters etc. MH also provides long duration (upto 48 -72 hours ) of chemotherapy with elastometric pumps which enables patients to continue chemotherapy in the comfort of home and reduces costs of hospital admissions.