Trauma is an emotional shock producing a lasting harmful effect, because of unpleasant experience from wound or injury. Road Traffic Accident is one of the common causes of trauma.

Apart from road traffic accidents and other accidents, trauma is also caused by heart attacks (myocardial infraction), poisoning, burns, snakebites, etc. Death due to these causes can be avoided by providing immediate medical attention. In practice most death cases are prevented in the first hour of the accident, which is also known as the “GOLDEN HOUR” in the medical parlance. Prevention of death is possible by providing careful handling of the victim at the accident spot, providing first aid treatment, transporting the patient to the nearest hospital and providing proper medical treatment.

MODERN Medical Center & Hospital is a multi-disciplinary super specialty 750 bed hospital with modern medical facilities and state-of-the-art medical
equipments. MH has extensive medical expertise, facilities and infra structure to treat all kinds of trauma patients.MH is recognized as one of the best Trauma care centers in the country.

MH has organized an expert trauma care team consisting of very senior
medical consultants in the departments like Orthopedics, Neuro surgery ,
General surgery, plastic surgery, Cardiothoracic surgery and rehabilitation
and physical medicine. They are assisted by trained paramedical staff like
nurses, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.

The Trauma care centers are primarily intended to provide first aid to the
accident and emergency victims. All the trauma care centers have been
provided with 24-hour ambulance services with mobile telephone
communication facilities. The ambulance facility can be utilised from any
of the trauma care centers at a very short notice by contacting the
emergency control room facility at MH

The Hospital offers free transportation of road accident victims from the
accident spot to any hospital of their choice up to 20 KM radius from the
accident spot.



The Hospital has also organized a disaster team at the hospital to handle
mass casualties arising out of Natural calamities, Rail, Road and Air
traffic accidents, Bomb blasts, Riots etc. The disaster management team
will have at its service all the hospital ambulances at its disposal for
any kind of emergency situation through the control room facility at a very
short notice. This Disaster Management team shall also provide network
assistance to Red Cross ambulance services and Public sector companies like
Airports authority of India, Bharath Petroleum Corporation, Indian oil,
Railways etc in case of any fire accidents or any kind of industrial